the YOUNGEST JibberJobber user

Its all about relationships, right? Let me share with you two different, non-job-search ways that two different people are using JibberJobber to manage, keep track of and enhance their relationships. Hopefully by sharing this I help you get out of “argh! Help me get a job right now” mode and into “I see the value of managing all relationships forever” mode 🙂

As promised in yesterday’s post, today I’ll tell you a little about my 8-year old Samantha. She loves to play with friends (of course) and every day asks who she can play with. She has about 10 or 15 friends that she can call, but the problem is she usually doesn’t know where the phone numbers are. Putting her friend’s information into JibberJobber solves a few issues:

  1. We always know where the phone numbers are, and she can access them from either computer in our house. Phone numbers are always at her fingertips,
  2. If I need to take her to a friends house, I can click on “Show on Map” and get directions from my house to her friend’s, and
  3. She can print out her list, with addresses, and have a hard copy to keep somewhere (we have so far had very reliable internet access, but who knows!).

I know this is a simple example of how to use JibberJobber but it works. It isn’t related to her job search, but definitely related to her relationship management. I can’t tell you how many times she has asked me for so-and-so’s phone number! Now she can look it up herself, or I can pull it up for her (since I’m usually online).

Can she accomplish the same thing elsewhere? Sure. She uses Outlook Express for her e-mail. But if she is away from that computer, or someone else is on it, she can’t get to those numbers. And if we are out of town visiting friends or family, they are completely inaccessible. Get it?

Fast forward a few decades, my buddy Steve had the same issue where he was on a 10-day trip to California and needed some information … luckily it was in his JibberJobber account and he was able to access it!

Okay, one more non-job search example. As I go through some piles we have around our house I find little scraps of paper (sound familiar?) or envelopes with people’s addresses or other contact information. A lot of these are friend’s of my wife. So, I just go add a new network contact in her account, and make sure to tag it as “Christmas“.


Because then she’ll be able to go to the “Get Contact List” and export those names and addresses for Christmas cards based on the “tags” (coming soon). Sound insignificant or trivial?

Well, she can export this list to a csv file, which can then be used to print labels with ease! Imagine, just a few steps each year and you have your Christmas card labels ready to go, that quick. By the way, networking experts recommend sending some kind of annual mailing to people in your network, it could be birthday cards, Christmas, or some other holiday.

Everyone networks… me, my 8 year old, my wife, and you. JibberJobber is a tool that helps you out. Like I said, I’m sure there are other tools to do this type of stuff, I’ve just wrapped it up into something that seems to make sense for the average joe job seeker (none of those other tools have a place to put in multipe “me in 30 seconds”), and am figuring out new things to do all the time to help you enhance intimate relationships!