personal branding revisited

I have a few buddies (job seekers and business owners) that are interested in looking at how a website or blog could improve your personal (or company) brand.

Since I have written a few posts on blogging to enhance your personal brand I have been on the look-out for marketing-type things that I would blog on if I were a marketer. I just couldn’t resist this one:

Today I was at the DMV waiting for my number to be called and reading the ONLY literature that they have there, called UtahHealth. Right below the magazine title is the URL which I was interested in (the magazine is actually a great read, making me more inclined to actually check out their website). I thought it was SO wierd….

what the URL is this?? How peculiar – I wonder what the “t” means? or maybe it is the “th” sound… geez, I thought and thought about this wondering why they didn’t get or… and then I realized it…

The image on the magazine cover is a lady that is placed OVER the title… which is okay, because I can read the title even though a little bit is covered up. But the URL is covered to the point where I don’t understand it! Furthmore, I opened the magazine and I couldn’t find the real URL for a few pages – about 5. Someone needs to tell these folks to put their URL on the bottom of EVERY page!

Of course, the real URL really is

Oh, if I were a marcom expert, I would have a blog and blog about this 😉 Of course this doesn’t necessarily enhance or enforce my brand, so I’d go into more technical jargon, or perhaps list 7 – 10 other things abot marketing with a URL in anything that goes to print. And I’d throw something in about proofreading…

Get the idea? Pretty simple, eh?