What’s new?

… and today is Saturday!  I actually wrote this on Thursday and set it to auto-post yesterday, but that didn’t work.  Geez, who can trust technology??  Here is yesterday’s post …. 🙂 

I started a new blog geared specifically to military troops that are serving in war and will be transitioning back. This is similar to what I’ve been blogging on here but with some twists. Specifically I have some job opportunities listed there (or, some information for real jobs – you have to e-mail me for more info, but it is pretty incredible). You can go to https://transitioninghome.com if you want to check it out – and there is a box to put your e-mail in if you want it e-mailed to you.

I have been working on a site redesign with a professional graphics designer/artist. The entire purpose is to make it easier to understand what JibberJobber is, and who it is for. I still get the occassional “I don’t get it” from someone. I’m excited about this new design as it should be more intuitive and less wordy ;)  I think a lot of folks aren’t reading my too wordy front page 🙁 And there is one really really cool element that my artist is introducing – I wonder if anyone will be able to pick up on it?  It is rather subtle…

I have been working on a number of strategic relationships which I expect to see re$ult$ from before the end of this year. I’m very excited to be hooking up with industry leaders, and especially excited because these folks understand the depth of what JibberJobber is. It is really cool to see these experts nod in agreement about the power of JibberJobber over the course of a career, not just for one particular job search. JibberJobber helps you develop job security – indeed, maybe it is something like Job Insurance?? 

This week I did my first JibberJobber user group. I only e-mailed folks here local, and got about 40 people come out. It was pretty cool – I got some great polish/enhancement feedback. And I got a lot of “ah, that makes sense now!” I walked away with some notes from folks and some testimonials – it was a great meeting!

Development has continued with a full-court press.  There are about five major things that we have planned to roll out by the end of the year.  These are all very exciting, and should enhance your job search and networking greatly.  I’m excited to have been recognized by an expert in the employment space as the leader in this type of service.

Membership continues to climb.  My traffic is climbing also and I’m getting a lot of return visitors.  I have a bunch of people that have logged in a ton and are actively using it for networking or job search or whatever.  Its gratifying to know that other people are benefiting from what I came up with – and each new person that uses JibberJobber adds to that gratification.

and there is more… stay tuned!  And have a great weekend!