Are you networking like this?

Here is a great example of “working your network.”  A couple of days ago I wrote about this bootstrapping new company without a name (they have a name now – as per the new VP), and how their layoff situation (and everything around it) was a little too close to home. 

But here is a great example of how to network in your time of desparation.  This post from local recruiter (and super networker) Rob Merrill is quite transparent – it bleeds of “help help help!”  Its funny because this is not the type of post I’d expect from a bunch of proud, highly competent and talented techies.

But I love it because it relates to me, as a job seeker. 

I am proud, and highly competent and talented (well, at least I think so.  And my five year old thinks so too!) professional.  But I didn’t scream out to everyone like this (which would require me to be more humble).  Why not?  What’s more important, your pride or getting the results you need??

As a job seeker, when you are talking about putting food on the table, what techniques and strategies are you incorporating?  Most of the higher level execs that I know that are in a long job search have lots of consulting going on.  Could you consult?  It is an excellent way to get your name (and personal brand) known.

Consider a variation of this Provo Labs tactic.  Get a website set up to let others know what you are doing, offer your services in a consulting or non-profit capacity, and for petes sake, find someone with some influence that can help you in your quest.  Rob is the guy behind and I’ve found him to be “for the little guy” – this is a guy you want on your team, and helping you. 

I just finished the chapter in Never Eat Alone that talks about connecting with connectors.  Keith Ferrazzi lists seven professions that include super connectors – headhunters was the second one he listed!  Do not discount the power of a headhunter, and what they can do for your long-term career goals (which may be very different than what you think about them doing for your short-term career goals).

Who is on your team right now?  Get out and meet some of the movers and shakers (connectors) in your community – you can find them by asking others who they read (local blogs), picking up the local business magazine, etc.