Is Homeshoring for you?

Ok, so new word for me today: Homeshoring. Homeshoring is a twist on Offshoring, which is basically outsourcing to someone that is outside of the US. Offshoring is a funny thing, and an interesting topic considering most folks that read my blog are doing so because their job got offshored! But more on that later, in a different post.

Homeshoring then is the idea of outsourcing to someone that is not outside the U.S. – so someone inside the U.S. I think that it also includes Americans that are overseas, for example, military spouses.

So why talk about this? Well, this ties into my previous post about your multiple streams of income. I came across a company over a month ago that specializes in finding legitimate “work at home” opportunities. They actually have a team of people that look for them (through various methods, including special google searches) and have some way to verify that they are real.

These guys have a blog, here’s a short blog post you should read about homeshoring. And here’s their website. It is NOT a free service, but you can check it out and if you want try it for three months (this page is hard to find but has their pricing).

I’ve been getting their weekly e-mails for a while and LOVE what they have. It sure beats wondering about those crazy signs at the corner of busy intersections “seeking apprentice – earn 15k per month” – stuff like that.

If you are thinking about creating another stream of income, and are looking for an at-home opportunity, I recommend signing up for 3 months just to see the current things they are finding and see if it makes sense for you. There are sample downloads to see what they posted previously.

Like I said, I have been on this service for over a month. I have only one beef – which is their presentation. I wish I could have access to a database. Instead of getting a Word document with pages and pages of opportunities I would like to have a login to a website where I could search through current opportunities, sort them, filter, group, etc. Perhaps they might read this and work towards that – it would make their service way more useful!