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A post I put up a few days ago talked about your multiple streams of income. Here is something that you should consider – if you are in Utah check it out and sign-up (it is only one day, if you need to take off work), if you are outside of Utah then find out if there is something like this close to you that you can attend.

[This is a terrific networking venue. Networking is about more than exchanging business cards and standing around in small-talk. Before you go, pick up “Never Eat Alone” or something like that — learn how to make the most of networking before you walk through the doors to a conference like this. And when you get back, make sure to put them in JibberJobber and rank them, and track the relationship with them.]

I think that lots of folks outside of Utah don’t realize how much start-up and entrepreneur buzz there is in Utah. I’ve lived here for 2 years and only recently have been able to get a pulse on the business arena here – it is quite vibrant and exciting.

In October I’m headed to my first conference directly related to this space – the U Tech Internet Marketing Conference for Businesses. I’m pretty excited about the line-up of speakers including the founder of MyFamily.com – Paul Allen (or Paul Allen the Lesser as per his website). MyFamily is the biggest, or one of the biggest subscription-based ASP offerings on the internet, and has been for years. I have a lot of respect for MyFamily (even though I don’t use it) and was fortunate to spend some time with the other founder, Curt Allen when I was starting JibberJobber.

Another speaker that I’m jazzed about is Judd Bagley who is a new VP at PRWeb. I thought it was pretty cool that his start-up got acquired (or whatever) by PRWeb. Congrats to Judd and team, I look forward to meeting him.

The other speakers are fast moving execs who are attuned to on-line marketing – I’m sure it will be a day full of great information.

So there you have it. Find opportunities like this to learn from folks that are doing it. If you are in Utah on Wednesday, October 18, go check it out. Its $150 before Sept. 18th – and should be a great investment in your future. (I’m guessing I’ll learn more on that day than in my MBA marketing class. Actually, I’m sure of it.)

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