CHiMBY – to get past the information overload

I came across a new website that takes advantage of new technology to provide a great resource to job seekers. Granted, I don’t think that we need MORE articles and information, because there are already zillions of articles about what to wear to an interview (I guess some people don’t quite get it)… but isn’t it a pain to try and find good information? You know there are lots of repositories – a school career center (there are only like 3,300 of these in the US and Canada), outplacemetn firms, etc. Lots and lots of articles and advice. And Google just doesn’t seem to do the job when you are looking for job-search information.

CHiMBY is a “vertical” search engine for job seekers. It is cool because what you search for should always return something relevent to a job search, and from many “authorities”… I put in a search phrase (“organize” – what else would I search for?) and found some cool new sites and blogs that I wasn’t even aware of – and spent about 2 hours going through those sites.
So, go check it out… here is their logo (I need more color in my blog 🙂 )

We are a CHiMBY recommended career advice site

If I were to have to pick one favorite resource to learn things about a job search I’d have to pick CHiMBY, just because the owners have already filtered the list down to job-search sites. Very cool.