JibberJobber updates

This is the first of a weekly communication on what was updated in the last week.  In the last few months there have been a number of new, cool updates, and we just kind of snuck them in.  From now on you can read about these updates on a weekly basis.


This last week saw more little polishing, based on user input.  In addition to little changes here and there, there are two that merit more of a spotlight (both are Premium features):

1. Network Goals (see description below)
2. custom order of the output when you export to CSV.  We found that some programs (especially Palm Desktop) are a pain to use when importing other files, especially if the order of the fields does not match what they want.  So we allow you to determine the exact order of fields, so that the import into those programs is easier.

The COOLEST update that is in the system is the Networking Goals.  Here is how it works:

Let’s say you have 50 people in your network.  Let’s say that 2 are 5-star, 5 are 4-star, 7 are 3-star, 1 is 2-star and the rest are 1-star.  Well, aside from creating a network, you need to continually improve your relationship with people in your network!  This new feature in JibberJobber allows you to say something like:

My goal is to improve 1/3rd of my relationships for all of my network in the next 30 days – in other words, move 33% of my network contacts from whatever ranking they are in to at least the next level.

The cool thing is that you can have various goals – all at the same time.  So, you can choose to improve:
40% of the relationships that are 1-star,
10% of the relationships that are 3 star,

The goals are all confined within a timeframe that you set, and there are cool reports that show you how you are doing on your goal, who you have upgraded, who you haven’t upgraded, etc.

Quite cool.

What’s to come?  Still more improvements based on user input – this is stuff to make the system easier to use, more intuitive, more powerful.  And of course, building on the recruiter relationship to enrich *your* relationship with others that are helping you in your job search.

More update news next week 🙂