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Why 70% of Tech Workers Say They’ll Quit Their Jobs In 2022

Jason AlbaNovember 30, 202112 min read

This article bugs me: 7 in 10 tech workers say they’re considering quitting their job within the next year in a new survey. Can you imagine what would happen if 70% of your tech team quit their jobs? I’ve been…

What to Study? How To Figure Out Continuing Education

Jason AlbaNovember 2, 20217 min read

A new-to-me friend asked me what to study with this question (I slightly reworded the question): I am having problems trying to decide on what I want to study/learn. I ask myself, “Do I want to learn Scala, F#, Elixir?…

Your Job Search Strategy When Every Bit of the Job Search is Broken (5 Tactics)

Jason AlbaOctober 28, 20219 min read

Figuring out your own job search strategy can be trick and confusing. I thought I knew what my job search strategy should have been, but I was going off of outdated assumptions. What’s worse, you can’t address the job search…

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Are You Working On The Right Things?

Jason AlbaFebruary 22, 20219 min read

I have this imagine in my mind of a mime, or circus performer, who has a bunch of sticks holding up spinning plates. The performer’s job is to keep every plate spinning so that they don’t fall. Keeping the plates…

2021 Annual Theme: Accountability

Jason AlbaJanuary 1, 20213 min read

In 2006, during my Failed Job Search, I was at a job club networking meeting and they were talking about accountability. What I learned in that conversation went with me to my presentations around the world. The facilitator said we…

Job Search Tools or Job Search Tactics?

Jason AlbaOctober 13, 20207 min read

I’ve recently seen two posts on social media talking about resumes that struck me as odd. One was from a job seeker talking about how much time and effort you need to put into your resume, and then comments came…

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